Understanding & Using Christ’s Authority

The biblical definition of the word authority is understood and used to describe the power or ability to do something given by, conferred upon, or derived from a higher authority. It is the warrant, right, power, or ability to do something. In the New Testament there is a clear link between the giving of and use of authority, and the presence of the Holy Spirit (Luke 24:49; Acts 1:8; 4:31). It is the Holy Spirit who is the agent or part of the totality of God’s personhood through whom power is expressed and created things come into being (Genesis 1:1-3). While God’s power is manifest through the Holy Spirit, it is the authority of Christ that is the ability and authorization to use it. According to the Scriptures, we have the same power living in us that raised Christ from the dead. 

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We’ve been filled and anointed with God’s Spirit to bear the fruit of the Spirit and to minister, pray, and live by the power of the Holy Spirit. But like any power source it must move from containment or availability to use. It is with Christ’s authority that we release God’s power in order to accomplish the purposes for which it was given to us. It is the faith to express Jesus’ authority that initiates the release of God’s power to carry out His will and fulfill the task of His commission. The Bible says we’ve been given Jesus’ authority to exercise in the following ways.

Perhaps the most notable characteristic of Jesus’ ministry as observed by others was the authority with which He taught and ministered. From the nature of His teaching to the manner in which He drove out evil spirits with a word, Jesus’ use of power and authority is what noticeably set Him apart from other prophets, teachers, and religious leaders of His day.

We have been given authority in Christ as children of God. According to Jesus and the teaching of the Bible, we have been given authority to carry out the purposes of God in advancing His Kingdom, healing the sick, and defeating the works of Satan and the powers of darkness. The chief barrier and influence hindering our experience of freedom is the power of sin manifest in its various forms as well as our enemy the devil. Because this power is at work, it requires the greater all surpassing power of Christ manifest through us to render powerless the various influences of Satan. To continue the work of Jesus and to express His will on earth, you must go beyond simply believing to ACTING on the authority you have been given by Jesus.
Authority as characterized in the New Testament and expressed in the ministries of Jesus and His disciples is, the ability, right, or power to do something. This ability or power is derived from another person or source and is given to someone for a particular purpose.

Much like a police officer has been given the right, warrant, and ability to exercise authority as an agent representing an entity with the power to enforce the authority used, we too have the representative authority to establish, enforce and carry out God’s will as King here on earth as it is in Heaven. In essence we, like a peace officer, wear the badge of Christ’s authority and bear the force of His Kingdom as we exercise authority in His Name to establish His peaceful and righteous rule and accomplish His Will. Like and officer’s uniform and protective gear, we bear His image and likeness representing our King and His Kingdom, carry His Spirit within us, and clothe ourselves in His protective armor. We also bear the weapons of His Word and pray in the power of the Holy Spirit while exercising His authority and power to force the opposing powers into compliance with His will so that order is established and His peace and righteousness prevail. This then provides the opportunity for His people and others to experience His presence, peace and love as distinct from the environment created by a fallen world……

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