Authoritative Prayer for Fire


Authoritative Prayer for Fires

Here is an example of using authoritative prayer to address a natural disaster like the fires that are breaking out in this season. Scripture tells us of how even the wind and waves responded to Christ’s authority and we believe (and have heard testimony of) this happening today!

Lord Jesus, thank you for providing us a home and the blessings of your provision. These things you’ve given us as a sign of your faithfulness and love. We acknowledge your provision and every good gift you provide as our Father. Lord, consider the threats against our home and all that it represents and means to us. According to your word and promise, “because we have made you our hope and shelter, you’ve said, “no evil will conquer us, no plague will come near our home; you will command your angels concerning us to protect us wherever we go.” May it be just as you have promised.

Now Lord consider this fire a threat and a plague we have no control over. Set the boundaries for this fire in regard to our home, property, and wellbeing. And because you’ve given us your authority we speak to it just as you did to the storm that’s now being manifest in this fire and tell you, “You will not pass or cross the boundaries the Lord has set in regard to things He’s given us, provided for us, and that we’ve set apart for Him, in Jesus’ Name. Lord, may it be that you set those boundaries right now. Together we agree, accept, and assert your promise that “no harm will come near our home and that the Lord will command His angels to protect us and our property in Jesus’ Name. May it be so that all will know that He is Lord and that He takes care of those who call on His name. We put our trust in your unfailing love and thank you that you will never leave us, forsake us, or fail to provide for us in this life. Amen.

What key elements stand out as different in this prayer compared to how you pray? How you were taught to pray in church?

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