The Mission:
Equipping You for Ministry

You want to use your life for the purpose God has given you. You want to know how to be fruitful, living a life that results in lives transformed by the love and power of Jesus Christ. We are here to help!

The Challenge

In order to do that you need more information about the ministry or an introduction to those
who lead it. It’s important to not only know what we do but to understand the mission and
vision God has given us. Plus you want the assurance that your investment will result in biblical
fruit and further God’s Kingdom purpose.

The problem is, how do you know or decide what ministries to give to and how much to give?
Your questions may be about understanding more clearly what we do or the biblical nature of
the fruit the ministry produces? Trying to decide can be confusing and sometimes feel

What We Do

We understand and have the same struggle in making similar decisions of our own. But we
believe you deserve to have some answers to your questions about our mission, vision, and
how the money you give will be used to glorify God and advance His Kingdom.
For 20 years we’ve been ministering locally and internationally to churches, ministries,
mission agencies, and individuals to multiply those who are equipped to be ambassadors of
God’s Kingdom to those who need salvation, freedom, and healing through “a demonstration
of God’s power so that [other’s] faith would not rest man’s wisdom but on God’s power.”
In recent years we have been working to clarify our mission and vision and testify to
transforming work of Christ through this ministry so that others can be part of what God is
doing to help us have a greater impact locally and in various parts of the world.
We understand [EMPATHY]which is why we [AUTHORITY]

The Results

Here’s how we do it:
And in the meantime, [TRANSITIONAL CALL TO ACTION]So, you can stop [FAILURE] and instead [SUCCESS]