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    The Prayer Card Fold-Out provides a practical daily guide for using various interventions for particular situations you may face either in life or ministry. Each intervention gives an example of how to use biblical prayer and the application of Jesus’ authority to address the following:

    1. For People – a sample prayer utilizing God’s promises, His Word, and Christ’s authority to pray for those you care about for salvation and freedom from the some forms of bondage.

    2. For Places – an example of prayer that deals with potential spiritual influences that may be effecting the places you go, meet with others, and gather; your home environment, work place, etc.

    3. For Salvation: A guide to help you effectively lead others to faith in Christ as Lord and to reject the things of their past and to be baptized.

    4. For Healing: An example of how to pray for the healing of someone who is sick that utilizes the questions Jesus asked in His healing ministry.

    5. For Protection: How husbands, fathers, mothers, leaders, employers, and others in positions or responsibilities of authority can pray for those under their care for protection and safety.

    The Prayer Card Fold-Outs are professionally printed on quality card-stock for durability and repeated use. They can be purchased individually or in larger quantities as listed below:

    1 @ $2 each

    20 @ $30

    50 @ $70

    100 @ $120