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    The Prayer Card Fold-Out provides a practical daily guide for using various interventions for particular situations you may face either in life or ministry. Each intervention gives an example of how to use biblical prayer and the application of Jesus’ authority to address the following:

    1. For People – a sample prayer utilizing God’s promises, His Word, and Christ’s authority to pray for those you care about for salvation and freedom from the some forms of bondage.

    2. For Places – an example of prayer that deals with potential spiritual influences that may be effecting the places you go, meet with others, and gather; your home environment, work place, etc.

    3. For Salvation: A guide to help you effectively lead others to faith in Christ as Lord and to reject the things of their past and to be baptized.

    4. For Healing: An example of how to pray for the healing of someone who is sick that utilizes the questions Jesus asked in His healing ministry.

    5. For Protection: How husbands, fathers, mothers, leaders, employers, and others in positions or responsibilities of authority can pray for those under their care for protection and safety.

    The Prayer Card Fold-Outs are professionally printed on quality card-stock for durability and repeated use. They can be purchased individually or in larger quantities as listed below:

    1 @ $2 each

    20 @ $30

    50 @ $70

    100 @ $120

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    A Field Guide for Followers of Christ contains practical essentials & tools for every disciple’s personal life and ministry. It is useful for individual or small group use in a variety of ministry settings – evangelism and mission outreach, prayer teams, and recovery groups. Use it to minister with the love and power of God. This Field Guide is a quick-reference tool for the practical application gleaned from the teaching and training ministry provided through Kingdom Ministries, International, Fresno, California. It is a resource you can take with you anywhere – in your purse or pocket – so you have it when you need it! For more info on training workshops & resources please

    “I would highly recommend this Field Guide as a manual for your own work among this generation of zealous but sometimes wounded individuals. Freedom is waiting for them in the name of Jesus, if ministered by people who understand the authority they have in that name. Keith is bold in asserting that God’s power is still available today.”

    Danny Lehmann – Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Global Leadership Team

    “Keith has been a trusted friend since last century. He is a prime mover in God’s Kingdom. Here is how God’s Kingdom works: The Father is constantly at work to bestow grace on all of His children. He gives His leaders a vision about how to pass along that grace, and it is up to them to bring that vision to life. Keith is one of His visionary leaders. This Field Guide will spread His grace far and wide. Thanks, Keith, for this grace-producing tool. May it advance His Kingdom.”

    James G. Friesen, Ph.D. – Clinical Psychologist & Author

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    The “Leading Others To Freedom” Workbook is over a 100 pages of recently updated, simplified, and expanded, material prepared especially for the “Leading Others To Freedom” Workshop on February 24 at People’s Church. There will be a limited supply but those who purchase the pre-published material will receive a free-copy of the published version that will include more content, a Bible Study Guide, and additional resources. The published workbook will be designed to accompany the video teaching curriculum available in 2018.

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    Thank you for your generosity in providing a table, so that 8 guests including (ideally) you or a table host can attend. You make it possible for us to multiply our base of support, and extend the ministry worldwide.