Jeanette’s Testimony

A testimony we received…

Hi Keith,

I have been a part of your Wednesday night prayer teachings since September. My life has been significantly affected as a result of putting into practice the principles I have been learning. I just wanted to share some highlights. (Does this count as my final exam?)

These are the things that I draw on the most. There are many others, but I didn’t think you wanted a 3 volume report…

Christ’s authority is standard issue. This helps so much. It doesn’t matter how timid I am, I have Jesus’ authority in my toolkit. I have grown in changing more of my prayer into commands to become more scripturally aligned-it’s finally beginning to feel a bit more natural.

Christians, as a rule, tolerate far more than necessary because of an ignorance of how to pray. Wow! I have begun to question everything-even very longstanding personally uncomfortable thought habits. “Why do I feel like I never fit in anywhere?” “Why does anxiety seem to be my default setting?” “Why are finances such a scary topic for me?” to name just a few. I have just assumed that these thought patterns are the inevitable result of my own personal life experiences, but as I have asked God in prayer, renounced many lies and their effects in my life, taken authority over any evil thing that may have amplified that persistent feeling or thought, I am amazed at the freedom I am beginning to experience as a believer in areas I never thought possible.

True North…Not my feelings, my fear, my sadness, or any other reaction, but God’s word is the only compass that will help us navigate uncertainty. Not new info, but a great word picture.

If……This has become my favorite word. I love how I don’t have to know for sure, but I can just test. I have used it in my classroom. This authority has brought at least some temporary peace to some really troubled students. They feel safe in my class. I have used it in times of staff conflict. A colleague used to go out of her way to criticize and snap at me—she doesn’t do that any more, so now I have been challenged and freed to show God’s kindness to her instead of trying to avoid her all the time. I have used it in Children’s Ministries and seen children’s attention and reception of the Gospel dramatically increase. (Once, a child actually hissed at me when I encouraged him to enter into the worship!  I quietly prayed the ‘if’ prayer, he smiled, hugged me, and started singing.) Last week, a very aggressive driver rushed up to my back bumper and started making threatening hand signs to me. I was unnerved, prayed the ‘if’ prayer, and he immediately turned down a side street. I use it in intercession for my children, grandchildren, and before and during times of ministry.

“Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven…” I have so much more confidence knowing that I can actually expect God to extend his kingdom of healing the sick, setting the captive free, and expanding his rule and reign because I pray with authority. As I am growing in this aspect, my challenge is to become ever more familiar with the Word so that I can be even more effective as I pray.

One night as you were teaching, you spoke of a time when you were addressing something evil. I forget the story, but your words were, “Ok, this is how it’s gonna go down…” I love that. I can almost hear Jesus saying it that way. That’s how I want to sound, too. I’m getting there!

Thanks for your sharing your prayer teaching with us!


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